5 new Drupal videos on Drush aliases and Drush Make on Buildamodule.com

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New Drupal videos on Drush power tools

This week we dive into some awesome tools for Drush, including using local and remote site aliases (ie. control a remote site with your local Drush installation - awesome!). We then move on to look at using Drush Make - a handy Drush contributed module and extension - to streamline the process of setting up site scaffolding. This is some pretty fun stuff!

How to set up a global Drush configuration file - 1:52

In previous videos we looked at setting up a Drush configuration file to work with a single site. In this video we show you how to set it up to work with any site on your local machine.

How to set up a remote site alias for Drush - 3:43

Working with local site aliases is great, but the real power comes from using remote aliases. With a remote alias, you use your local Drush installation to control remote sites. It takes care of logging you into SSL and navigating to the right folder, you just pass it an alias and a command, and your 're good to go.

Why building site scaffolding is tricky and how Drush Make can save you time - 3:20

In this video we talk about the sticky points in creating a portable, re-usable site scaffolding to begin your projects with, and how a nice little contributed module and Drush extension called Drush Make can make the process simple and less error-prone.

How to install Drush Make and any Drush extension - 1:45

Installing a Drush extension is pretty straightforward, but in this video we show you how by installing Drush Make.

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How to use Drush aliases to simultaneously work with multiple Drupal installations - 4:35

Drush aliases are shortcuts that allow you to run a Drush command on a particular local site regardless of where you are on the command line. This can be a nice little productivity boost, and in this video we show you how to set it up.