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5 more videos from PHP Programming Basics released FREE!

In these introductory videos, we learn a bit about the stack of technology needed to get your PHP scripts to work. For quick and easy installation, we're using Dev Desktop. Even though our examples don't use Drupal directly, Dev Desktop will help you later on as you start to dive into the Drupal examples.

Overview of the AMP stack (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) - 1:59

Understanding what each part of the AMP stack does is an important foundational step in PHP programming. In this video, we briefly explain what each part of a typical stack is for.

How to install Acquia Dev Desktop on a Mac - 2:20

To set up our development environment, we're using an application from Acquia called Dev Desktop. In this video we show you how to install it on a Mac.

How to install Acquia Dev Desktop on Windows - 2:42

In this video, we demonstrate installing Dev Desktop in a Windows environment.

How to import a default Drupal site on Dev Desktop - 2:55

Dev Desktop comes with the ability to quickly spin up Acquia's distribution of Drupal, but it's also good to know how to get the default version of Drupal running. Even though the examples aren't going to be using Drupal directly, this is an important piece of working with the Dev Desktop stack, and it sets the stage for where we put our PHP examples.

Setting up our example folder and creating our first web page - 4:06

In this video we set up the folder we'll be using for our examples and test it out with a simple, HTML-based web page. Don't worry, we'll be getting into the PHP soon!

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