5 New Git Videos (one FREE), and a Revolution in Training at Build a Module.com

Live video training works! Want to try it?

On Friday we tried something that - as far as I know - has never been tried before, and it has the potential to change training forever. And it was awesome.

With 60 students and 7 mentors, we conducted a full-day training on Drupal site-building. Instead of a traditional training with linear lectures, the students instead worked through a set of Build a Module.com videos and had full access to Drupal experts when they had questions or problems they couldn't solve. We got overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students, who were able to work at their own pace and on subjects that were the most interesting to them. And the mentors - all volunteers - unanimously had a good time.

What this means for us is that we'll be exploring ways to make it easier to conduct a mentored video training in communities and organizations that need to ramp up on some aspect of Drupal quickly. I will be putting together resources and suggestions soon, so stay tuned!

The trainings can be conducted by anyone with the appropriate Drupal skill set, they have very low overhead, and require virtually no prep time. If you have questions, suggestions, or want to get started right away, just send me an email.

New Git videos on manipulating branches and using the stash

This week we continue delving into managing Git branches, and also explore a handy feature for storing changes as you switch between branches called 'stashing'. If you're not a member, be sure to check out the FREE stashing video.

How to modify an existing commit message

Oops! Forgot to pass some critical info in the commit message? Never fear, it's easy to go back an rewrite a little history, which is what we do in this video.

How to delete a branch

Not only is is ridiculously easy to create branches in Git, getting rid of them is easy, too. In this video we show you how.

(FREE VIDEO) How to use a stash to save uncommitted changes when switching branches

When you switch branches, you bring your changes with you. That can be a good thing, except when you need to work with another branch cleanly. Then stashing the changes is what you need.

How to apply a saved stash

Once you've stashed your changes, we walk you through how to get them back out again.

Quickly committing, merging and deleting a branch

To prepare for the next steps, we quickly work through the full process of merging a branch. This video is a great review of a number of techniques you've learned so far.

Next week things will start to very really interesting as we look a creating remote repositories to centralize changes between users and instances of our site.