5 new videos at BuildAModule.com on diving into PHP arrays and upcoming Mentored Trainings

BuildAModule.com Translations Update

In under 2 weeks we've had some incredible contributions to the BuildAModule.com translation effort. Over 70 videos have been translated into Spanish, and several have been translated into French, Dutch and Hebrew. We're excited that native speakers of these languages will get to enjoy the contributions made my numerous volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, and if you yourself are interested in assisting with the translations, take a look at the translate page on BuildAModule.com.

Upcoming Mentored Trainings

Over the last year, numerous Mentored Trainings have helped build Drupal resources worldwide. Coming up, we have:

DrupalCamp Twin Cities, May 17: Organized by the amazing Advantage Labs folks, this Mentored Training is geared towards those just starting out with Drupal.

DrupalCamp Scotland, May 25: This full-day Mentored Training is currently at capacity, but you can be put on a waiting list in case they're able to expand the venue.

DrupalCamp Sacramento, June 8: I (Chris Shattuck) will be hosting a Mentored Training, and while the focus will be on Drupal basics, you're welcome to come at any experience level.

There are also proposals in the works for DrupalCon Munich, DrupalCamp Salt Lake City, the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit and more.

If you're interested in hosting a Mentored Training for your DrupalCamp, it's easy to do and it's a great way to offer affordable, effective training to large groups of people. You can check out the training page for more information, or send us an email with any questions.

New PHP videos diving into arrays

How to work with associative arrays - 4:12

Continuing from last week where we started digging into arrays - one of the most commonly used data structures in Drupal - in this video we explore associative arrays, where we can assign strings as keys.

How to use array functions like asort(), array_pop() and array_rand() - 7:44

Once you have your data in an array, there's all kinds of native PHP functions that will allow you to manipulate and sort that data. In this video we walk through some of the most common array functions and ways that you might apply them in the real world.

How to work with array-like objects - 4:52

In Drupal, there are a number of objects like $user and $node that are simply multi-dimensional arrays wrapped in the slightly different object syntax. In this video we show you how to create these objects, and manipulate data inside of them.

Array function challenges - 1:19

Now that you've got a solid grasp of arrays, this video poses some challenges to help you test your new knowledge and apply it in practical situations.

New FREE PHP video tutorial of the week

How to work with multi-dimensional arrays - 8:09

In this video arrays start to get really interesting. Not only can arrays store data like strings and numbers, but arrays can also include other arrays. And those arrays can store arrays. Before your mind explodes over the implications, we'll spend some time in this video explaining these unique arrays in a way that makes them manageable.