5 Sweet New Theming Videos and a Thank You!

This year's Drupalcon was most excellent! I had the opportunity to meet a number of current and soon-to-be subscribers, and get some feedback on what you'd like to see in the future. Overall it seems like we're headed in the right direction, and I wanted to thank you so much for all your great ideas and insights. I'm looking forward to more face time at the next Drupal event!

As we complete the first chapter in the "Drupal Theming Essentials" video series, we demonstrate how to work with view modes in the Drupal user interface, how to leverage field formatters to re-use themable output on the field level, and discuss various standards around working with the theme layer. If any of that sounds a little foreign to you, don't worry, these videos will gently introduce you to each concept.

How to adjust node view modes through the user interface
Last week we talked about what view modes are, and in this video we take it a little further to explore what can be done with view modes in the Drupal user interface. (subscriber-only)

What field formatters are and how to use them to modify field output
Field formatters are a great way to modify the output of a field in a reusable way. In this video we look over the existing user interface for working with field formatters to get a feel for what they are and how you might use them in practice. (subscriber-only)

How coding standards apply to the theme layer, and how to add comments to template files
Coding standards are critical for working with other team members on a project, and in this video we look at how standards apply to the theme layer, as well as some best practices in writing comments for template files. (FREE today only!)

Template file coding standards and conventions
Template files are one of the most important interfaces between designers and developers. Here we delve into how to write template files in such a way as to make it as easy as possible for themers to make changes without having to dig into heavy development work. (FREE today only!)

How to apply CSS coding standards
The CSS standards are currently in draft status, but they can give you some tips on best practices when working with CSS, splitting CSS into multiple files, and structuring your CSS definitions. (subscriber-only)