9 Free jQuery videos to celebrate a NEW 200+ video collection for site builders

This we're opening up the first 9 videos of our How to Work With JavaScript and jQuery chapter for free! Why? Because while we didn't add any new videos this week, we're going to be releasing over 5 hours (94 videos) of our upcoming series called Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site next week, and we wanted to celebrate. It's kind of exciting stuff, and what better way to leverage the excitement than to grow your skills?

So, if you've been wanting to dig into jQuery but haven't had the time and you're not yet a subscriber, we're giving you a full week to dive in. Here's the list:

Two major use cases for jQuery and JavaScript and what this video covers

A lot of people like this video. It explains the role of JavaScript and jQuery in module building, and some common use cases.

How to include a JavaScript file on every page and intro to the jQuery object

The first part of using JavaScript in Drupal is learning how to include a .js file on a page. In this video, we walk you through that and explain how the jQuery object works.

How to load JavaScript after a page is done loading

This is a fun one. Have you ever wondered how you can optimize your online application by only loading JavaScript on an as-needed basis? Well, this video will show you how.

How to use the dollar sign as an alias for the jQuery object

In previous versions of Drupal, we were given the $ (dollar sign) to use as a jQuery alias, but in Drupal 7, things were designed to be a bit more extendable so if you wanted, you could use a whole other library (or a different version of jQuery) for that sweet little alias. This video explains how to use the behavior you might be used to from Drupal 6.

How to use jQuery selectors

At the core of jQuery is selectors, the way to point to various elements on a page and say 'hey, do something fun!' This video provides an overview of the most essential selectors.

How to manipulate content in the DOM (Document Object Model) with jQuery

Once you can point to stuff with selectors, you can start changing it. This video shows you how to dynamically change the content and structure of the page.

How to use jQuery events to add interactivity

Now that you can point to stuff and change it, you can trigger these changes with jQuery events. Click something and make something else appear! This is where the real fun starts.

How to use effects and work with CSS in jQuery

While events are where the fun starts, it continues with effects. Slide things, fade things, make your Drupal site look like an iPhone app. This video gives you an introduction on how to do just that.

How to use Drupal behaviors to add JavaScript functionality to new content

With the great power of jQuery comes great responsibility, and one of them is making sure you don't keep attaching events to the same elements. Don't know what that means? Watch the video and learn about the problem and how Drupal solves it.


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