94 New Site-Building Videos Released Today

This week we're releasing the first half of our first ever video collection for site builders (read: no code) at Build a Module.com. The collection, once completely released, will have over 200 videos and span 11 hours, and there's not a wasted minute.

Some of you may be wondering why we're branching out into site building, since our focus has been so developer-oriented up until this point. The truth is that this was part of the plan from the start, but up until a few weeks ago, the site building track of videos was going to be on a whole separate site called Manage a Site.com. So, what happened?

Well, you happened. We've been hearing from viewers like you that there's a need for clean, clear videos that cover Drupal from the ground up. Not all developers who come into Drupal are familiar with the interface, and not all viewers who enjoy the videos are developers. For those of you business owners out there, we've also heard that you need videos to train clients and employees on how to use Drupal from the front end.

Here, have 200 more videos. No charge.

From a usability perspective (most of you know already that usability is a huge focus at Build a Module.com), asking users to create a separate account on a different site with its own subscription didn't seem nearly as nice as saying "hey, here's 200 new videos for you and your kin. There's nothing you need to do except watch and learn." So, we did that instead.

If there are a few groans of anguish from folks who have been down the site building road before and know the terrain too well to get much from the videos, never fear, there will be more development-oriented videos on the way soon. We will continue on our mission to quench your seemingly inexhaustible thirst for knowledge. In the meantime, maybe you can be the person that points a Drupal noob to the Build a Module.com site building videos and earns their eternal loyalty. :-)

Show me the download-enjamins

Wondering where the DVD and downloads are for this awesome new collection? They're on their way. In the next couple weeks we'll be rolling out a sweet little upgrade to Build a Module.com and will release the offline viewing options then.

But, even if you're a stalwart downloader, you can get started by viewing the first couple chapters (and quite a few other samples) streaming on Build a Module.com while we're baking the first batch.

Click here to start watching Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site.