Announcing "PHP Programming Basics" video collection at Build a

Announcing "PHP Programming Basics"

PHP Programming Basics

Without programming experience, jumping the gap from Drupal site builder to developer can be incredibly tricky. We've heard from many of our viewers that there's a need for a solid resources focusing on PHP basics, and we're happy to announce that our next collection does just that.

  • Learn PHP from scratch (no experience necessary)!
  • Set up a quick local development environment
  • Grasp of all the variable types you'll be using for Drupal development
  • Learn how to create functions and structure applications
  • Great, practical examples
  • Tons of tips and tricks for organizing code and logic!

In PHP Programming Basics, we begin with the building blocks of PHP programming, including working with strings, variables, arrays and objects. We then start to manipulate these with useful, native PHP functions (it's okay if you have no idea what that means). Once we have the basics down, we begin writing our own functions and building up simple, fun and practical scripts to develop a feel for the architecture behind a typical PHP application.

In our final example, we bring everything we know together to build our own CMS platform. Even though many developers end up using Drupal, several began the process by building their own CMS, and the experience has given them tremendous insight into how the Drupal architecture works and how to manipulate it. In this series, you'll fast-forward through this process and develop an understanding of the robust structure of Drupal while honing your new PHP skills.

Our first two intro videos released FREE!

Welcome to PHP Programming Basics - 3:02

In this video we introduce you to the new collection and give you a preview of what to expect throughout the series.

What programming is and tips for following along - 5:14

This video is a must-see if you're new to development. In it, we give you an approachable way to think about programming, and give you some ideas for getting the most out of the extensive examples used throughout the series.

Come see me at DrupalCon!

If you're at DrupalCon, there's still a lot of fun left to be had. And, if you want to say hello and share some ideas you have for Build a, or just shoot the breeze, there are a couple places you can find me.

Wednesday 1-2pm I'll be giving my talk Building Beautiful, Dynamic Forms in Drupal 7 in room 401. If you're trying to improve any of your Drupal user interfaces to be more usable and fun, there are some great tips in this talk.

Wednesday 3:15-4pm I will be signing DVDs at the DrupalCon bookstore. Feel free to stop by just to say hello, even if you don't have one. DVDs will be for sale, but come by even if you don't plan on picking one up. I'll be giving away some "Become awesome" stickers as well.