Another Drupal theming video pentalogy, including the .info file, overriding the page template and more!

Last week we set the foundation for building a theme file structure, learning from popular themes such as Zen, Fusion and Basic. This week, we get our hands dirty with basic theme building. We begin by looking at the .info file and explain the various options that can be used. For those of you who have already watched the module .info file videos, you have a head start, but there's some unique properties to a theme info file you might want to check out.

Next, we create the base theme file structure and enable the theme (FREE video). To give site builders a sense of what your theme will look like when enabled, we then walk you through creating a screenshot and adding it to your theme. Next, we'll show you how to add a default logo. Finally, we'll demonstrate the proper way of overriding the page template file within your theme.

Next week, we've got a nice series of videos lined up to further extend our built-from-scratch theme, including:

  • How to add a new region and what regions are
  • How to add a CSS file
  • How to add a JavaScript file
  • How to add a new setting to the theme settings form
  • How to set a default for a theme setting and use it in a template file