Branching, Merging and More New Git Videos on Build a

This last weekend Build a represented at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, and this next weekend we'll continue our tour at BADCamp. Our training on Friday is full, but we plan on doing similar events in the future. If you'll be around at the camp, please stop by our booth to say hello!

And on to the meat. In this week's new videos, we're continuing exploring the Git version control system by doing a quick overview of undoing in Git, and jump into using branching and merging. If you're new to the idea of branching, we walk you through the conceptual ideas, and then jump right into practical implementation. If you come from another version control system where branching is challenging and inefficient (cough, cough, Subversion, cough), you're in for a real treat.

New video: Quick summary of undoing in Git

In previous videos, we discussed multiple levels of undoing in Git. This section is a great wrap up and reference when you're trying to figure out how to back out a mistake.

New video: How to move files in Git

It's polite to tell get when you move stuff around, but sometimes Git is smart enough to figure it out. In this video, we show you how to keep Git informed when doing some restructuring of your files.

New FREE video: Introduction to branching and merging in Git (FREE!)

Git's flexible branching model makes it really easy to keep multiple tracks of development and releases going at once. We talk you through the basics in this section.

New video: How to create a new branch and navigate existing branches

If you come from another version control system like Subversion, you might have a little PTSD around the whole idea of branching, but in Git it's simple, fast and efficient. We start be creating a new branch and rapidly switch between developing on different branches.

New video: How to merge with and without branch history

Sometimes you want to know a branch existed even after it's no longer useful and is pruned out of the repository. We show you how to keep a record around, or, if a record doesn't matter, how to make a branch ninja-like, swift and invisible.

Looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend, and we'll see the rest of you next week in the next installment of Git tutorials.