Build a Mobile plus 12 new videos on custom blocks and Image Styles

We've always had a fair number of mobile users on Build a, and this week we've rolled out a new mobile version of the site to make watching videos on the go a whole lot easier.

The mobile site has a limited set of features to make it simple to use and to really focus on the most common task of our on-the-go users, including:

  • Browse the full video library through simple, nested lists
  • Search for videos by video title or a transcript match
  • Completed videos will get marked as viewed (so that you can still keep track of your progress)
  • Switch to the full version of the site as needed.

We'll be rolling out updates to the mobile version as we learn more about what our mobile users need, so if you have any feedback, please sent it our way.

Check out the mobile site (works on desktops, too) at

12 New Videos on Working With Custom Blocks and Image Styles

A new chapter in the "Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site" collection focuses on creating blocks with custom content and displaying them only in certain places. We also look at Image Styles, a Drupal feature that allows you to automatically crop, resize, or perform other modifications to images on the fly. If you've never seen Image Styles in action before, this will be a lot of fun.

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