Celebrating 600 videos at Buildamodule.com and 5 new Drush video tutorials

Now more than 600 Drupal videos!

Our members know that every week our library gets a little bigger, and this week we're reaching a pretty awesome milestone - over 600 original Drupal video tutorials. Woot! For those of you who have been waiting in the wings for our library to get big enough, wait no more! With coverage of everything from setting up a Wysiwyg to using jQuery in a module, there's something for virtually any skill level, with even more on the way.

Thank you for your contest submissions

The response to our free DrupalCon ticket contest was fantastic. A ton of questions got answered in the Drupal.org forums, which is exactly what we were gunning for.

For those of you that submitted an answer in the forums, thank you so much! We hope that if this was the first time you participated in the forums, that you'll consider making it a regular thing. Winning free DrupalCon tickets is awesome, but the feeling of helping someone through a sticky spot is pretty close.

New Drupal videos on using and configuring Drush

This week we wrap up our chapter on performing common Drush tasks like installing Drupal, installing modules and themes, and updating everything with a single command. We also begin our chapter on configuring Drush (for you power users out there, this will be a lot of fun) and walk you through adding a short Drush alias for common command line commands.

How to add new components to a feature module with the .info file and Drush - 3:44

Sometimes it can be much faster to add a new component to a feature module with a little bit of code in the .info file, instead of hashing through the rigmarole of the user interface. In this video we show you how.

How to download and enable a module or theme using Drush - 2:14

Installing a module can be pretty quick, but Drush makes it even faster. In this video we walk you through the fairly simple process of enabling a theme or module.

How to update Drupal core and contributed modules using Drush - 3:58

Updating Drupal is one place where Drush really shines. Instead of moving files around or running a patch file, you can run one deceptively simple Drush command and get your entire Drupal site up to date. We show you how in this video.

How to set up a Drush configuration file (drushrc.php) and use shell aliases - 3:59

Now that you've got the basics of Drush down, we begin configuring and extending Drush with this video on using the drushrc.php file to create an alias for one of the Git commands we used extensively throughout this series.

New FREE Drupal video tutorial of the week

How to download and install Drupal using Drush - 5:35

We've looked at some of the more common uses of Drush once you have your Drupal site up and running, but in this video we walk you through the process of using Drush from the start to download and install Drupal.