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Change Management Collection Released!

Change Management and Version Control Released!

After several months of hard work, the "Change Management and Version Control" collection has been released to DVD and as a download. The collection contains over 9 hours and 120 videos covering how to manage a Drupal workflow using Git, the Features module, Drush and other tools. In the collection, we cover:

  • How to use the command line
  • How to use Git from the ground up
  • How to get everything in your site under version control for piece of mind and rapid deployment
  • How to push from a development to a production site using version control
  • How to work with a team on the same code base using Git
  • How the Features module works and best practices when using it
  • How to use Drush to speed up deployment of features, manage users, and more
  • How to build a Drush Make file and create your own Drush commands

This collection is ideal for anyone who is actively managing a Drupal project. The techniques covered - as always - are practical and used in real-world situations. When you complete the series, you'll have a set of incredibly powerful tools at your disposal that will help you work within or manage a team, and greatly increase your productivity as an individual developer.

5 More New Drupal Videos for Members

Last week we talked about how to manage assets with version control, and in this week we dive a little deeper by going into how to get our full database into version control, and what the implications of that are. We then roll this into a feature branch and talk about best practices for managing your database in your repository over time.

How to export a database schema for version control

Generally, getting your database schema (data about table and fields) into version control is a good idea both for backups and for looking at changes over time. In this video we talk you through how to do this via the command line for easy future automation.

How to export database content for version control

While it's not always a great idea to store the full content of a database in your repository, there are some situations where it makes a lot of sense. In this video, we walk you through how to do this and exclude certain big, temporary tables you might not want to pull in.

Cleaning up our assets folder and rolling our assets into a feature branch

In this video, we take the logical next step and pull our changes into a new feature branch.

How often should you update version controlled database dumps and why

It's not always clear when you would need to record database changes in version control, so we explore some ideas in this video on the best way to approach updates.

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Overview of a typical push cycle, with and without version control

In this video, we talk through the process of a typical push cycle where we migrate all of the changes we've made to our development site to a our live (production) site, and compare it side-by-side to a process that includes Features-based modules that wrap up configuration changes into code. After this, you'll want to dig into the Features module if you haven't already.