Do you provide professional Drupal services and want to submit a session for Drupalcon SF? Talk to me!

I'm chairing the "Providing Professional Drupal Services" track for Drupalcon San Francisco in April and am looking for interesting sessions and speakers to help seed the Drupalcon sessions list. We already have some great folks on board. Sessions will be opened up for public submissions soon and the earlier your session gets added, the longer people have to vote on them.

So, if you're interested, ping me with your session idea. If you're looking for ideas, I've put together of potential subject matter for my track here, as well as a Drupalcon Talk Idea Generator to get your juices flowing.

Disclaimer and clarification: I posted this with the goal of connecting with people who are thinking about or have already prepared sessions for the track I'm chairing. I'm not in charge of fielding all Drupalcon session proposals and I won't be the one that decides which sessions ultimately get chosen, but I should be able to help folks with the submission process.


Hey chris! I'd be happy to help with a session or two. One session I've helped out with at a number of drupalcons and camps is 'from a contractor to a shop', which is usually a session for individual contractors who are interested in learning more about becoming a Drupal shop.

I know there are lots of folks getting into the Drupal Training racket right now... I am one of those, and I think it would be great to have a discussion about what that landscape looks like.

Particularly, there are lots of discussions about creating some curricula. I think we could spend part of the time discussing how we come up with training material.

Then there are some good facts about what to expect if you're offering training, who to expect, how to find them, how to follow up, etc.

I'm in the process of setting up my third Drupal shop/team. I'd be interested in presenting on one or more of four topics (ideally, collaborating with a co-presenter to two):

* Selecting a co-founder for your new shop.

* Going from contractors to employees - A roadmap.

* Allocating staff resources across projects; forecasting.

* The Discovery process - Get paid to flesh out the scope of work and project plan.

Give me a shout if you think any of these would be interesting or have any additional thoughts. If not, I guess I can just toss some ideas into the pot and see what happens.

Sean Larkin

I run several drupal teams off-shore in Misnk. We're a Drupal only shop and only provide services to Drupal shops. ie. we don't service end customers directly. We have a pretty effective model and with off-shore being such a mix bag for most, I would love to do a session on the right way to set up a remote drupal development team.

Hey Matt, not sure if you know, but there's also a B2B track that Amye Scarvada is facilitating. From what I understand, the purpose of that track is to discuss issues of dev shops working for other dev shops. Might be some interesting connections there.


MediaFirst is a public relations/marketing firm and we've been in business for 10 years. I'd be happy to share ideas, contractual clauses, horror stories, etc. We do some hosting and create content. In addition, I'm trying to determine the best ways to team these days for projects, Drupal, PR, or marketing.