Don't like the way your theme is looking at you? A few new videos to help you out.

Themes are touchy beasts. A line of funked-out CSS or a misnamed template file can send you careening down a path of sadistic uncertainty if you don't know what you're looking for. Well, here at Build a we think that's a little unfair. We should be able to change how our sites look without fear of wasting an entire day barking up the wrong tree, and this next batch of new videos is all about absolutely crushing that fear.

To begin with, we dive into some theme troubleshooting, looking at what happens when some HTML output you're trying to modify is getting lost in the shuffle. Next, we help you troubleshoot CSS issues, where styles you're trying to add just don't seem to be working. Since these last two videos are part the first chapter in our Drupal Theming Essentials series, we wrap it up with a review of the rich theming topics we've covered and some suggestions for next steps.

But wait, that's not all! We also begin our next chapter - aptly titled How to Build and Modify a Drupal Theme or Sub-Theme - with an overview of the themes that come with Drupal, along with a couple other core theme resources and a guide on where to put new themes. We then take you on a tour of the different components of a theme, including the .info file, the template.php file and lots more.

Next week we'll be diving into how to structure a theme directory and take a look at several interesting examples in both core Drupal and contributed themes.

Spread the code "springbreak2011" for FREE form-building videos!

Spring break is a time where people work on their form, right? Sun bathing, surfing, lounging about. As a conciliatory prize for those of you returning from spring break, or suffering in some other way from the end of those blissful days, we are offering all of the videos on our site that have the word "form" in them for free this next week. But only if you know the code.

If you know anyone that could benefit from a little Form API action, send a little tweet gently encouraging them to go to and enter the code springbreak2011. That will grant them free access to form-building videos until March 28th, no strings attached!

Thanks and enjoy!
Chris Shattuck