Drupal sub-themery, theme thievery and more new videos!

Building a Drupal theme from scratch isn't for everybody. For most of us, sub-theming is the way to go because it leverages existing code and resources while still giving us the flexibility to extend the theme with styles and overrides. This week, our videos begin by going over just how to override just about anything from a sub-theme and demonstrate overriding a few key elements.

But for some of us, sub-theming isn't the right fit either. We need to lock down our theme so we know what's going on in there, or maybe we need to flip some of the structure around, but we still don't want to start from scratch. For us folk, we can instead start by copying an existing theme and making it our own, and in our next couple of videos we do just that.

We finally wrap up by beginning a two-parter video on CSS file structure and cover the rationale behind how to split up stylesheets for your theme.

Here's a list of the new videos. Enjoy!