Drupal theme building, week 10! Conditional CSS and template file suggestions in Drupal 7

This week, we wrap up our fourth chapter in "Drupal Theming Essentials", we begin by covering how to include CSS and JavaScript files based on virtually any condition. Want to add a new stylesheet when your Aunt Betsy visits your site? Want to highlight articles with the word "awesome" in the title? No problem! We cover three common scenarios, and give you the tools to come up with your own conditions as you need them.

We also begin our 5th chapter, called "Template Files, Theme Function Overrides and Preprocessing Functions" with a video explaining the potential benefits of finding other ways to tackle Drupal theming tasks than using template files or theming functions when you can. Then, we launch right into discussing how to use template files, and figure out core template file suggestions.

Below are the new videos, enjoy!