Drupal usability resources

Below is a live list of Drupal usability resources and issues I want to work on. Right now, it's just links, but I'd like to put together some help for people just getting started with tackling usability issues. There's a lot of really great initiatives right now, and some good improvements to the Drupal issue queue workflow, but it's a little overwhelming, even for the veterans. I would assume there are two main audiences to address: 1) Those who want to learn more about what's going on, and 2) Those who want to get down to business (designers, coders and communicators).

Drupal.org pages

User Experience (in Community Initiatives section, some organization of a few patches)
User interface best practices (great list of links to explore)
Helping with Usability (in Contribute section)
Improve usability (in Getting Involved section)  

Issues tagged 'usability'
Issues tagged 'needs usability review'
Issues tagged 'killer end-user features'

External resources

Usability group on groups.drupal.org
www.drupalusability.org - Issues discovered during the 2009 UofB usability testing
www.d7ux.org - What's going on with the Drupal 7 redesign by Mark and Leisa

Issues I want to read

Vertical tabs - This issue will nullify several other issues if it goes through, so I'd like to see if I can link up the discussions a bit. The 'promoted' is one issue I've been working on that applies.