Every Drupal Camp and Conference on One Calendar. Sweet.

Here's a link to the full Drupal Camp and Conference Calendar, and below is a screenshot so you can get a feel for what's it's like to see every Drupal camp and conference on a single, consolidated list. It's really nice, especially if you've ever found yourself scouring the internet for hours trying to find an event that matches your schedule and general location on the globe. That's something I do every time I get the itch to immerse myself in the community, and each time I get frustrated, feeling like there's got to be some awesome event nearby that I just can't find. So, I put together this list partially to achieve a little more Zen in my life.

I also put it together to help members of Build a Module.com get plugged into the community and get a dose of live learning. Camps are such an awesome way to meet people to learn from, to collaborate with, to hire and to hire you. Some things are also infinitely easier to do in person, or with people that you've met in person.

This list contains past events as well, so you can get a feel for when they might occur again, either to plan your attendance schedule or to schedule a new event.

My hope is that this simple page can become a central hub to make it easy for Drupal camp planners to easily connect with potential attendees, and for attendees to quickly learn about their options.

I would love to keep this list totally comprehensive and up to date, so if you have an event that's not listed, please let me know.

If you're planning on hitting up an event, go ahead and take a look at the calendar.

Drupal Camps and Conferences Calendar


For sure it's a much prettier output, but you can get this info in groups.drupal.org http://groups.drupal.org/events?field_event_type_value_many_to_one%5B%5D...

Thanks Pedro, I should have added this URL to the post. That listing is a great source, but there were a few things I wanted to see and offer that was a bit different:

- Everything on one page (in figuring out what events I'm going to attend in the next several months, I end up compiling a list like this). Also, for folks planning an event, I'm thinking this may be easier to look at to get a sense of when they could fill a gap.
- The country where the event is taking place. (I didn't know where Helsinki was, for example (sorry Finland!))
- The ability for a camp to be listed without having to point people to a thread on groups.drupal.org. I'm not sure if this is a big deal, but usually these threads are planning threads and teasing out the web site, dates and country from the threads can take some mental grinding.
- Sometimes the titles of the events on g.d.o. are misleading ("Planning meeting" and "Registration open")

Ideally, a list like this should probably end up on g.d.o., but that's also something that could take some doing. So, this is an alternative for now.

Thanks again for the comment!

you're welcome! I just posted this so people can see that there is an amazing drupal event each week in some part of the world! :)

Maybe you could get that info from g.d.o. into your list automatically somehow (you can filter for drupalcamp & drupalcon), but I've taken a look and it doesn't seem that anything but a sad ical format is exported, though.

Good ideas, Pedro. After you mentioned the thing about the iCal feed, I went ahead and added an RSS feed to the listing so other sites can pull the info in, too.


Can you add a ical feed as well? THANKS!

Also you should setup a newsletter, so that people can subscribe to receive summary digests of all upcoming events. THANKS!

Good ideas, I'll be looking into this.

The event listing is great! Are you pulling in a feed or did you have to manually enter the events?

I manually added all of these, just to make sure there was no cruft pulled in and also to get familiar with the events. It was kind of cool digging through what's out there.

Awesome job of compiling this data Chris - I've heard several requests for this calendar feature at various Drupalcamps I've attended. Kudos for taking the initiative to start.

+1 on trying to get this on g.d.o.


Thanks, Dave!