Eye-Fi - An awesome idea, but too slow to be practical

When I first heard about the Eye-Fi several years ago, I was super excited. It feels like the future is really here when you can fit a Wi-fi transmitter into a little SD card. But I didn't get around to getting one until a couple weeks ago when I thought it might improve a video recording workflow. 

The camera I was using to capture some green screen footage required that you have to take it off the tripod to get to the SD card, which means that the careful positioning of the camera has to happen each time you want to get at the files, which was a huge pain. So, if I could have just streamed the video straight to the computer, no repositioning would be necessary.

After getting the Eye-Fi application set up on my mac, I did a test run with a photo, just to gauge the speed. To transfer a maybe 2MB file took several minutes. That meant that a 500-1000MB video file was going to be incredibly impractical.

So, I returned the little beast, happy to know that I got a chance to give it a go, but it would have been nice if it worked. It's probably not a great fit in general for modern photo resolutions.