Final batch of premium File API videos released

Over the last two weeks, Build a has released 17 videos on how to use the File API in Drupal 7. This week we wrap the series up with 7 more videos, completing the final example where we build an image gallery with managed files completely outside of the node system. We also added a video on X-sendfile, the Apache mod that makes the private file system scream, and we open up the black box of stream wrapper code.

In addition to this release, the full collection of all 24 File API videos is also now available as a purchasable download.

How to use the EntityFieldQuery class to match certain criteria and display the results

In case you missed the previous announcements, below are the videos that are free for all visitors plus a couple that are available to mailing list subscribers:

The new videos

And below are the new videos. At this time, they're only available to subscribers, but we occasionally open up subscriber-only videos to the public for special occasions, so keep your ears out (or follow us on Twitter).