Free access to over 610 Drupal video tutorials on DrupalCon sprint day

On Friday, March 23rd, to support the amazing DrupalCon sprints this year, Build a is donating it's entire 610+ video library for free, all day long. Sometimes sprinters don't know everything they need to know to help out, and the amount of time available for direct mentorship is limited and competes with actually getting work done. We see two major benefits to supporting the sprints this way:

1. Sprint organizers can maximize mentoring time

For those sprinters who need a little background on various aspects of Drupal, be it awesome APIs, the theme layer or even basics like how taxonomy works, there's likely a video available on Build a to help them learn it. Sprint organizers can delegate to these videos when they don't have the time to directly mentor their sprinters, which in turn should help maximize the amount of work that gets done.

2. Remote sprinters can still get mentorship

Would-be sprinters who weren't able to make it to DrupalCon this year can still spend some time on the sprint day helping out, and since they won't have access to the direct mentorship that's available at the sprints, they can still ramp up on important Drupal skills - enough to make a valuable contribution.

How to get access

To get a free pass to Build a, just go to on Friday, March 23th, create an account if you don't have one, and click the button to get a free 24-hour pass.

If sprinters or sprint organizers have any questions, please feel free to send them my way.

Happy sprinting!

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Good stuff, Chris. Going to send a few co-workers your way!