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Diving into Features with 5 new videos

Last week we looked at how to get your entire database into version control, which isn't always a perfect fit, but can come in handy especially in the development phase. This week we begin a multi-week exploration of using the Features module to capture the most essential configuration components from our database into code.

Features can be a little tricky, but we walk you through the creation, deployment and syncing of Feature module step by step, and explain the reasoning behind each step.

How to build a feature module, and how each component group works - 10:09

In this video we create our first "feature module" (a module created through the Features module). We also talk about each of the database components we're able to pull into our module.

The 3 big benefits of having our components in a feature module - 1:47

Once you've seen how the Features module works, we'll step back and talk a little bit about why Features makes so much sense for many projects.

How to revert a modification to a feature module component - 2:48

One of the biggest hurdles to using Features is figuring out what to do to update configuration that has already been captured into a feature module. Do you just update your view or content type and hope for the best? In this video we start discussing the various options, beginning with how to roll back a configuration change that we don't intend on keeping.

How to install and use the Diff module to view feature module overrides - 3:41

Sometimes it's difficult to tell exactly what changes have been made to configuration that has been captured in a feature module, but with the Diff module we can look at exactly what the changes are and decide from there what we're going to keep and what we might need to roll back.

New FREE video of the week

How to download and install the Features module - 1:50

The new videos this week walk you through the first steps of using the Features module, but before you do that, you'll need to actually install it. It's pretty straightforward, but we wanted to walk you through the process to make sure we get all the steps covered.

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