Get 30% off until the new year at Build a, and 5 new Features videos

Get 30% off everything until the new year

From now until the new year (January 2nd), get an unprecedented 30% off of everything, including memberships*, downloads and DVDs. We are tremendously grateful to everyone who made this year so amazing, and this is a small way of saying "thank you". To apply the discount, simply use the code THANKYOU when checking out. Thank you!

Killer feature contest has a winner

Thank you for everyone who submitted killer features this last month as part of our "Killer Feature Contest". We got some great ideas, and are looking forward to incorporating many of them before too long. Because we got so many equally great suggestions, we chose the winner randomly. Thanks again!

5 new videos on managing feature modules

This week we wrap up our chapter on creating and modifying feature modules. We talk a bit about strategies around organizing components, and re-organizing them as your site and various components evolve in purpose and function. Next week things will get even more fun as we explore how to get everything else that we can't wrap up as a feature module into some kind of version-controlable code.

Pushing a feature modification and explaining unsolicited changes - 3:04

The first changes you make to a feature module can be the most daunting. In this video we walk you through getting these changes to your production site and explain why sometimes we'll see changes in a feature module's code that we didn't actually make.

How to merge our feature component changes and update a feature module - 8:41

In this video we take our changes and merge them with our coworker's changes to demonstrate one of the most powerful features of Features: the ability to merge configuration changes without blowing away someone else's work.

How to re-organize components into new features with the UI or the .info file - 2:57

From time to time you may want to re-organize feature-based components into different feature modules in a way that makes more sense for an evolving web site or application. In this video we explain how.

Overview of other exportable components and enabling a copied feature module - 4:52

In this video, we explain various other components that can be bundled in a feature module, and how to leverage an existing feature module to deploy a whole series of configuration changes on a completely separate site (one of the other huge benefits of wrapping up configuration in a feature module).

New FREE video of the week

How to organize features and implications of getting everything into code - 4:09

Once you wrap your mind around the power of a feature module and the basics of updating and manipulating it, the next question you're likely to have is 'where do I put which component?' In this video, we talk you through how to organize components in a sustainable, reasonable way.