Get 50% off your first month at Build a, Drupalcon training and 5 new Git videos

Get 50% off of your first month

For those of you who have been on the fence about becoming a member, for the next week you can get 50% off your first month by using the code HALFONFIRST when you check out. It's a great way to take a tour of awesome features like the transcription view, progress tracking and more.

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Drupalcon training in March (pre-announcement)

After the awesome success of our piloted Mentored Training at the Bay Area Drupal Camp, we were accepted to conduct a pre-Drupalcon training in Denver. I will be posting more information on this soon, when registration is open. Space will be limited, so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as you can.

New Git video tutorials

This week we continue to explore the GitFlow branching model and talk about a few types of branches. Even though branching in Git is very flexible, layering on a solid set of rules for using them will make working with a team much more practical.

Summary of how to use release, hotfix and feature branches

In this video we do a quick overview of the roles of a release, hotfix and feature branches before we dive into each one in detail.

Release branch cycle summary

It never hurts to re-iterate the important parts of a complicated procedure, and that's what we do in this video.

How to create, deploy and clean up a hotfix branch

When you find a critical bug on your production site and need to fix it fast, you can use a hotfix branch workflow to tackle the problem and bring your fixes back into your main development branch. We show you how in this video.

How to troubleshoot pushes, pulls and conflicts with a feature branch

We've been using feature branches throughout this series, but in this video we talk through some potential issues you might run into and how to overcome them.

FREE video of the week

How to create, deploy and clean up a release branch

With a release branch, you capture a (hopefully) stable state of your code base and push it to a production site. In this video we walk you through each step of the way, from creating and working within the release, pushing it to production, and cleaning up after the push.