Getting loopy with PHP on (5 new videos on looping in PHP) and upcoming keynote

Come see me speak (if you'd like)

On June 9th, I will be Keynoting at DrupalCamp Sacramento, California, after conducting a free Mentored Training on June 8. It sounds be a great event with a lot of awesome people.

And just in case you're in the Chicago area, this next Thursday (May 10th)I'll be speaking at the famous Chicagoan CMS Expo on Powering a Lean Startup With Drupal. If you have an idea you've been trying to get off the ground, this talk will be all about how to free up the time and build the resources you need to make it happen.

And of course, we have some new PHP videos rolling out this week on a fun and powerful subject:

5 new videos on looping in PHP

Last week we explored some basic control structures like 'if' and 'elseif'. This week, we keep building the logical tools you'll need to build powerful PHP-based applications by exploring looping. As we've alluded to in previous videos, whenever you find yourself repeating the same kind of code over and over again, you can probably save some space in your code - and some sanity later if you need to update the code - by using loops.

How to use a foreach loop to generate an HTML table from an array - 6:43

One common use of a loop is to generate HTML content based off of data in an array. In this video, we generate an HTML table (you'll do this at some point in your development life, I guarantee it!)

How to use a "while" loop - 4:37

Sometimes you need to run a loop a number of times, but not based off of an array. We explore the 'while' looping construct in this video, where we test against a particular condition to decide whether to continue or cut out.

How to use a "for" loop and how it compares to "while" - 1:00

The 'for' loop is pretty si mi liar to 'while', but is a little more compact (and maybe a little more challenging to read). In this video, you can take a gander at 'while' and 'for' side by side.

How to modify PHP settings with the php.ini file and stop runaway scripts - 2:36

Now that we're playing with loops, it's important to know how to stop one if we accidentally set one up to run forever (oops!). In this video we look at modifying some core PHP settings in the php.ini file, and what happens to those infinite loops if we do let them run wild for a while.

New FREE PHP video tutorial of the week

How to use a "foreach" loop - 3:36

A hugely powerful, but sometimes difficult-to-wrap-your-mind-around-concept is "looping." In this video, we look at one control structure called 'foreach', which will allow us to loop through each item in an array and run some code each time. We'll spend a bit of time on loops since they're so important to coding, but our journey starts here!