Git continued: Undoing and finding help (5 new videos on Build a

This week we continue our adventure into leveraging Git - a powerful version control system - in a quest to get our code and configuration safely into version control and free from worry. For those of you just joining us, take a gander at some of the introductory videos to learn more about how version control works. For you who are eagerly awaiting the next installment, here it is!

Last week we looked at how to how to add and commit files to our repository. This week we learn how to undo these modifications. Sometimes we make mistakes, and unlike actual history where there's no going back, we can actually rewrite Git history to completely erase those little snafus.

We also explore how to use the 'git help' and 'git log' commands to find out more about particular commands, to discover commands, and find out what's happened in our repository so far. Enjoy!

How to use git help

You can always do a Google search when you get stuck, buy why bother when there's awesome in-line help right there on the command line? In this video, we show you how to use the 'git help' command.

How to use SmartGit to view graphical diffs and revision trees

Some things look better anti-aliased and in color, like revision trees and diffs. Here we show you how to leverage a graphical utility to get a tighter vision on what's been going on with your code.

How to undo modifications to staged and unstaged files

Doing is awesome. But if you don't know how to undo, it's easy to get stuck. In this video we begin the process of learning how to undo various levels of modifications.

How to use the log command for viewing revision information

Once you know 'git log', it will be probably become your second most-used command. And we also show you how to make it easier to read with a handy little parameter.

How to undo commits

Here we continue showing how to back out of unwanted modifications by rolling back and actual commit as if it was never there.

Enjoy and have an amazing week!