Give Your Drupal 7 Themes Some Serious Class

The right CSS classes can give you exactly what you need to laser-focus the look and feel of certain pages on your site. A lot of those classes are built in already, like a handy class added to the body tag for different content types. But, what happens when you really need a class like that for something else, like highlighting content created in the last two weeks, or various other whimsical criteria? No problem. In this week, we show you how to easily add conditional classes at the body, page and node levels.

We also continue last week's theme of overriding existing output by demonstrating how to find and override theme functions (check out this free video). Finally, we wrap up this week's new videos with a review of the latest chapter in Drupal Theming Essentials.

Next week we get into some fun stuff, starting with an in-depth look on what each of the default theme settings mean, how to completely uninstall a theme, and how to add your own custom setting.

Below is a list of the new videos for this week. Enjoy!


i was going to get drupal templates for a new photography and photoshop.i want to allow users to upload their photos and reviews and photoshop tutorial to my new site.i saw crystaline and reflection 2 theme which looks great ,but my new drupal site uses v7 and it say your themes are for v6.
some early test on my wamp server show some themes wont there a easy way to port it new v7,any tools or plugins you recommend to allow me to add functionality and can i add your tube links and video to my site.
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do i have to pay extra for the extensions and forum .is there a low cost options.can i use artisteer to use your theme to port to v7.
is there easy way to take my various content from as text to dump into different pages easily without cut and paste 90 pages of info and youtube links.
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