Grokking Drupal theme CSS file structures (it's fun, I swear!)

When one begins building a theme, it's only natural to use one CSS file for everything. But that stops being fun after about 1500 lines. At that length, it becomes a serious task to grasp what's happening in the file, and the chances of a team member changing the wrong style inadvertently becomes greater.

This week, we spend a full 4 videos learning from some of the best examples in CSS stylesheet management so that when your stylesheets begin to plague your dreams, you have somewhere to turn.

As we begin to wrap up the series on theme file structure, and move into working with templates and theming function, we're going to spend a couple videos clearing up some of the areas we glossed over in previous videos. This week, we cover how to granularly enable or disabling toggling of thematic elements (not the kind that bumps a movie rating up to an R) with 'features'.

Here's a list of the new additions. Enjoy!