Higher education rebate on Buildamodule.com DrupalCon training and new Drupal videos

Higher Education Rebate on DrupalCon Training

As many subscribers know already, we'll be hosting a Mentored Training at the Denver DrupalCon in March. But what's new is that we're offering a $25 higher education rebate to faculty and students of universities and colleges. Simply send us:

  1. A copy of your DrupalCon training receipt, which must be purchased with a .edu email address, and
  2. A PayPal address or a mailing address

And we will send you a $25 PayPal payment or check once the training is complete.

Register for the training on March 19th and get $25 off.

Learn more about the training (includes a short video).

New videos on overriding feature modules

This week we begin by wrapping up our chapter on overriding Feature modules. In particular we demonstrate how to override strings and get common settings.php overrides in a version controlled file. Also, we walk you through cloning a feature module - one of the most common first steps to overriding a feature module in any Drupal distribution.

We then move onto our chapter on upgrading Drupal and contributed modules in a sustainable way. This week's free video - How to Patch a Module - will likely prove particularly useful to many of you.

How to use a version controlled settings.php include to share settings - 5:19

The settings.php file is the ideal place to put a number of different overrides, like to PHP variables or translatable strings But, since it's not typically under version control, it typically requires a manual process to get all your environments up to date. But, with a little include, we can save a ton of time and reduce errors. This video show you how to do it.

How to find and override strings with dynamic content or links - 6:09

Some strings are easy to override, but others include dynamic text. To find exactly what the structure of these strings are, you'll need a couple tricks that we demonstrate in this video.

How to override a feature module by cloning - 7:15

When you're working with Drupal distributions like Commons or Open Atrium, you're rarely override an existing feature module directly. One technique to keep things clean is to duplicate an existing feature module and set it up as your own. In this video we run you though this process.

How to upgrade a module sustainably - 3:46

If you have a contributed module that has been patched, it pays to commit to a method of upgrading modules that saves and modifications you've made. In this video we show you how.

New FREE Drupal video tutorial of the week

How to patch a module - 8:38

In this video we walk you through the process of patching a module - a fairly common but tricky procedure you'll need to understand in order to pull in updates to a module before they're officially released.