How to create a sub-theme of a sub-theme of the Drupal Omega theme

I was playing with Navin, an Omega sub-theme, and wanted to make some minor adjustments to the CSS, and maybe have a custom template.php file to work with. The best way to do this is to create a sub-theme of the sub-theme (though I kind of wish there was a way to just add a plan old CSS file somewhere - and I feel like maybe there's a way to do that I'm spacing on). 

To get this to work required a few steps. My use case is that I'm working within the Open Enterprise Drupal distribution to get a fairly simple Drupal-based blog set up. It comes with Navin as the default theme.

  1. Downloaded Omega Tools - a module that adds a Drush tool to create quick and easy Omega sub themes.
  2. Created a subtheme using drush omega-subtheme nameofmythemehere on the command line (though the manual instructions here would have worked using the HTML5 version, I believe).
  3. Copied the code from /themes/navin/ (everything below the settings[alpha_css][navin-footer.css] = 'navin-footer.css' line) and pasted into
  4. Copied the code from comment 1 on a helpful Navin issue queue post and pasted it in above what I just added to The idea here (if you're using a different subtheme) was to pull in the subtheme's CSS into the sub-subtheme.
  5. Changed the name of the subtheme from omega to navin.
  6. Enabled the new subtheme in the Appearance settings page.
  7. I also had to clear my caches for this to take because I had done some messing around in the .info file and wanted to clear out any stray settings.

That was enough to do the trick.

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