How to theme Drupal nodes, pages, blocks, and comments like a pro!

Have you ever wanted a different page template file for each node content type? Or wanted to theme a one-off node in a unique way?

Well, these week we dedicate our next videos exclusively to template files. Sometimes a mystery, often a little scary, template files are actually gentile beasts with a lot to offer under their somewhat hairy exteriors. After watching these, you'll know once and for all how template file naming works, and will glean a few critical tricks to using custom templates for virtually any situation (I say virtually, because next week we cover all the edge cases :) ).

We spent a bit of time on each of the most commonly overridden template files (nodes, blocks, page, and comments), first looking at their code to figure out just how they fit into the rest of the page. Then, we discuss specific options for overriding each template based on certain conditions we can pass through the template file name. Finally, we create example template files so you can see them in action and give you some tips on finding out if the right template files are being applied.

If any of that sounds frightening, no worries, just check out the FREE node template video to get started.


The "FREE node template video" is restricted for members or for purchase only, even though it's advertised as free in the post above.

I registered an account anyway because some videos become free and available that way, but much to my disappointment the 'How to use the node template file (node.tpl.php) and override it by content type or node ID' video is still restricted.

False advertising much?

Whoops, you're right Joe, I had the wrong permissions set for that video. I have gone ahead and made that video available to all again. Thanks for pointing this out!