How to use the Color module to add custom color settings to your Theme (Video Tutorial Style)

Call for Video Testimonials

At DrupalCamp Colorado this last week, we got an amazing amount of positive feedback from viewers. We would love to capture this feedback to help out those new to the site. If you would be willing to do a short video testimonial, we would be eternally grateful. We've posted the details here on how you can use YouTube to post the testimonial and some inspirational questions to help you get started.

Adding Color Settings to Your Theme

Dovetailing on last week's videos on adding custom theme settings, we're dedicating this week to a walkthrough of using the core Color module to add a new custom color to your theme with a fantastic (or should I say Farbtastic) user interface that includes a color selector and an inline, live preview of your changes.

Integrating the Color module takes several steps, so after demonstrating how the module integrates with a theme, we take a deep dive into each of the files needed to get full integration. After looking at these, we demonstrate from start to finish how to re-create the custom setting we built in our previous videos using the color module. Once you're done, you'll be ready to integrate the Color module interface with any custom theme.

This stuff is pretty fun, enjoy! Below are the new additions: