Instructions for setting up the Evernote library for the Evernote Drupal module

Below are instructions for putting together a PHP-based API library for Evernote, particularly for the Evernote Drupal module. I've attached a ZIP file to this post (see the bottom) which can be used temporarily until the brilliant Evernote folks have the time to compile a distribution.

If you use the ZIP file included below the following instructions (, just unzip it and add it to your /sites/all/libraries folder. To put it together yourself, use the following instructions.

  1. Download the file here (labeled "Evernote API) 
  2. Expand the zip
  3. Copy the folder /sample/php/EDAMWebTest/lib/HTTP to /lib/php
  4. Copy the folder /sample/php/EDAMWebTest/lib/OAuth to /lib/php
  5. Next we need a few PEAR libraries that might not be installed on your server, so...
  6. Download the HTTP_Request PEAR script and add to /lib/php/HTTP
  7. Download the Net_URL PEAR script and add to /lib/php/HTTP
  8. Download the Net_Socket PEAR script and add to /lib/php/HTTP
  9. Rename the folder /lib/php to evernote and move it to your /sites/all/libraries/folder
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