Introducing Deep Video Search and Closed Captioning for Drupal Tutorial Videos

This last week we rolled out some new features I'm really excited to share with you.

If there's one thing that's less than ideal when it comes to learning from video, it's the linear nature of it. You start at the beginning and watch it straight through. Sure, you can scroll around, but it's guesswork trying to find the right spot. And using video for reference later is really tricky.

So, we've been working on some tools to really open up video, to unpack the valuable knowledge within and make it incredibly easy to use not only as an initial guide, but also as long-term reference. We've been having the video transcribed so that for every second of video, there is a searchable, readable reference for it. Here's a short description of the new features available, but to really get the full tour you should watch the video below.

Video search: With video search, you can search all video transcripts and jump the the specific point in a video where the text is being spoken. Easily find something to tackle a problem you're facing, or find a video you need to review.

Transcription view (Members only): This is probably the most exciting and interesting feature we're releasing. View the entire video transcript in a story-like view right next to the video as you watch it. The currently spoken text will be highlighted, and (get this) you can click on any point in the text to jump to that point in the video. So, you can easily skip over something you know, read ahead, or repeat a section with laser-level accuracy. No more fishing around.

Closed Captioning: The reason we began this process of transcribing the entire library was because we learned that we had deaf and hard of hearing viewers that could really benefit from captions. So in addition to the transcript view, you can turn on closed captioning for a more traditional text-on-image experience. When captions are turned on, each video with captions is highlighted in the video listing so you can easily choose videos with captions.

As you can imagine, it takes a long time to transcript a 40+ hour video library. We're currently about 20% of the way through, but we're making fast progress. So when you do a video search, keep in mind that you're only searching through a subset of the full video collection.



Configuring Text Formats and Setting Up a Wysiwyg - 13 new videos

This week we're releasing a new chapter on working with text formats and Wysiwygs. We talk about setting up filters to automatically convert user-entered content (for example, converting textual URLs to real links) and how to configure permissions for text formats. We review the issues around integrating Wysiwygs (they're not always as much fun as they look) and walk you through the process of integrating any number of Wysiwyg plugins with your project.