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More new Git videos

This week we begin by wrapping up our feature branch workflow, and then start diving into how to capture the other half of Drupal (i.e. the database) into version control. This is where things can get a little complicated, but getting our database information and configuration captured into version control as possible will help you roll back mistakes, review changes, and sleep at night, knowing you have a solid backup.

Merging an update into a feature branch, then deploying and cleaning up

In this video, we prepare our feature branch to merge with the main develop branch by first merging in the changes in the develop branch. Then we deploy the feature branch back into the develop branch and clean up the feature branch. Whew!

Summary of lessons learned in the feature branch cycle

In finishing up our feature branch, we take a step back and review what we learned in the process.

Where to store version controlled assets

Since there's not a default place to put additional assets that aren't part of our code base, we talk about the best place(s) to put them.

How to set up an assets folder that is not accessible via the web

If we decide to put our assets somewhere in our main Drupal directory, it's important to keep it safe from prying eyes. In this video we demonstrate how to use the .htaccess file to do just that.

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Overview of database components you can add to version control

Getting our code into version control is a great start, but that's just half the battle with Drupal, since so much information is captured in the database. In this video, we begin the process of exploring the best way to get database components into our Git repository.