Learn Drupal 7 Development with over 12 hours and 130 video tutorials (including 5 hours of free material)

Want to learn Drupal 7 development, but haven't had the time yet? Have a development team that needs to get on board with Drupal 7 fast? Are you teaching Drupal and need training material for your students?

Build a Module.com V.2 has been officially released, complete with over 12 hours and 130 new Drupal 7 development video tutorials. The training takes you all the way from building your first Drupal 7 module to really digging deep into the new Database API, the menu system, building forms, and there's even nearly 2 hours dedicated to getting up to speed with jQuery and JavaScript in Drupal 7.

The Build a Module.com site has been entirely revamped to include a super-clean interface for watching and browsing videos, new video organization, and a community forum for subscriber-to-subscriber support.

Tons of free Drupal development training material

There's over 5 hours of free videos available so you can learn a ton without having to purchase anything, though subscriptions, HD downloads as well as DVDs are available for full access to the videos. Once a purchase has been made, the entire source code for the examples used in the videos will be available for download so you can easily follow along.

Here's a sample of the free videos:

Introduction to Module Building

Coding standards, the Form API and the menu system:

Theming and the Database API

Working with users and nodes

Working with jQuery and JavaScript in Drupal 7

A few extras for newsletter subscribers

Signing up for the newsletter also gets you access to a number of other free videos, including:

Adding usability with the #state attribute
Learn how to build awesomely usable forms using the #state attribute to show and hide elements on demand.

Modifying forms with hook_form_alter()
Ever wanted to change a Drupal form, but didn't know how? Look no further, here's how.

Adding autocomplete to a text input
Take a look behind the magic of autocomplete inputs - awesome for search boxes, usernames and more.

Using the #ajax attribute for dynamic form building
How to build forms dynamically - add checkboxes, remove textareas, load new fieldsets, you name it. And all without a page reload. Slick!

How to use render arrays and tabs
I bet you're at least a bit curious about render arrays. They're a big deal, like you! Learn how to use them to allow your pages to be modified by other modules.

How to use sub-tabs
Tabs are nice, but what about tabs of tabs? Well, here you go.

How to load JavaScript after a page is done loading
Ever wanted to add Javascript and CSS on the fly, Ajax-style? It's super easy with Drupal 7, check it out.


If you have any questions or have any material you'd like to see covered, please drop me a line.


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