Masquerade as an anonymous user in Drupal using the Stealthier Firefox plugin

There's a nice little firefox plugin called Stealthier, which allows for secretive browsing of the internet. While it's probably most widely used for untraceable porn siestas, it can also allow you to quickly switch off your cookies, cache and sessions, making you instantly anonymous on any site. In particular, I use it to view my Drupal sites from an anonymous perspective without logging out or opening another browser (that likely doesn't have Firebug). Then, I can just turn off Stealthier and I'm back. Kind of like the spy in Team Fortress 2.


Awesome idea!

I've got to try that out. I hate that I can't use firebug when I use an alt browser to check anon.


You can do this directly in Firefox 3.1/3.5 using the Private Browsing feature.

On the Mac you can also do separate sessions in each tab using Stainless:

Cool idea dude, thanks for the tip!

Hi, here we use cookie swap Firefox plugin to test different roles.

Nice post.. Addictive.