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New logical PHP videos

This week we begin looking at the logical side of PHP. Now that you're comfortable with strings and arrays, we can start programming PHP to accomplish tasks - which is really what logic is all about. In the first video we give you a sense of what we mean by 'logic', and then we dive right into something called 'control structures', which are PHP constructs that direct PHP in some way. Specifically, we explore how to tell PHP to run certain code only in certain conditions with 'if' and 'if...elseif' statements.

What logic is and how we're approaching learning it - 1:30

Before we jump into working logic, we take a birds-eye view of what logic actually is and how we're going to go about learning it. If you're new to coding in general, this will be a good one to watch.

How to use an "if ... elseif" control structure - 4:35

We can also extend an 'if' control structure to include other criteria, and in this video we explain how to do this with 'if...elseif'.

Incorporating what we know about arrays and control structures in a random generator script - 6:08

In this video we start applying what we've learned about control structures and working with arrays to create a fun random text generation script.

Adding additional elements of randomness to our random generator script - 5:51

Never one to leave good enough alone, in this video we make our random generation script even more fun and flexible by adding additional random elements to it.

New FREE PHP video tutorial of the week

How to use an "if" control structure - 3:32

In this video we walk through a commonly used control where we build code to tell PHP to make a choice based on certain criteria. We'll be using 'if' statements a lot in upcoming code, so getting a sense of the different parts of the structure will pay off down the road.