New on Build a Configuring IMCE, Powerful Wysiwyg Tools and Free DVDs For Your Event

In this first part of the last chapter of "Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site", we work on integrating tools to make it simpler for editors to work with content on the site. Specifically, we explore using IMCE - a media manager tool - to embed images into a Wysiwyg-enabled field, and we configure the Wysiwyg module to CSS class selectors. Along the way, we solve an issue where content displays differently on the site than it does in our Wysiwyg.

If you've been following along with this series as it's been released, then you know we've just about completed our project. Throughout the process of building this site to match the mockups and requirements we were given at the beginning of the series, you've learned an amazing amount of material, so give yourself a huge pat on the back (but don't hurt yourself). You're familiar enough now with the essential building blocks of Drupal that you will be able to create other incredibly functional web sites without ever having to touch code. And from here, you can build on what you know to explore new modules, adjust the look and feel of cookie cutter themes to look unique and site-specific, and move on to other exciting aspects of Drupal like theming or diving into the community.


Build a featured on last week's DrupalEasy podcast

This last week I was a featured guest on the excellent DrupalEasy podcast. If you're interested in hearing me talk about some of the ideas behind Build a or thoughts on Drupal training innovation, you can fire up the podcast here. The hosts of the podcast, Mike and Ryan, are great at distilling some of the biggest news and movements in the Drupal community into an entertaining, useful dialog, so definitely stick around after my bit is done and consider subscribing.

Get Free DVDs and Memberships for Your Event

Just a quick reminder that you can get free DVDs and membership certificates to give away and Drupal and other tech-related events. Just fill out the form here letting us know more about your event (this includes user group meetings) and we'll hook you up with something nice. :)