New Build a Videos: Template files vs. theme functions, modules vs. template.php and more...

Last week we rolled out a nice little interface upgrade which is subtle enough that I thought it might be good to point it out with huge red arrows. With the new navigation tools, you no longer have to scroll through the (rather large) list of videos to get to the one you're looking for. Instead, just use the arrows to move forward or back, or click the list icon to display a pop-over will all the videos in the current series you're viewing, plus navigation to switch series' as well. If you're spending a lot of time on Build a, then you should notice a pleasant productivity boost.

Interface improvement with big red arrows

The new Drupal theming videos

This week we release our second batch of "Drupal Theming Essentials" videos. In this one, we tackle a couple of hairy questions about where to put the code you use to override output, discuss a couple of essential theming tools, and discuss view modes - a handy way to modify node output code-free. Enjoy!

How to decide whether to use a module or a theme for your modifications
When using a theme function to override output, is it better to put your code in a module, or in the template.php file? In this video we give you a solid answer to this sticky question. (subscriber-only)

How to decide when to use a theme function or template file
Theming functions and template files are both legitimate places to put your output-related logic, and it can be a little painful trying to figure out which one is right for what situation. In this video we provide some clear benefits to each method and match up situations to solutions. (subscriber-only)

How the theme registry works
If you don't understand what the theme registry is or how it works, you will likely find yourself banging your head against a brick wall at some point. Save yourself a metal plate in your skull and watch this succint explaination. (subscriber-only)

How to find out where any piece of output comes from
Finding out which template files or theme functions or preprocessing functions or processing functions are responsible for what kind of output where is super tricky without the Theme Developer module. In this video we dig into this module and show you how to find the origin for virtually any output in Drupal. (FREE)

What view modes are and why you would use them
View modes, previously known as "build modes" in Drupal 6, provide a rich method of consistantly displaying node content in various contexts. Plus, it wraps it all in a nice user interface for site builder types. In this video we discuss the concept of a view mode and how you'd be likely to use them. (subscriber-only)