New PHP videos on working with strings, variables and IDEs (2 free PHP videos included!)

New PHP videos on using variables and strings

Last week we worked on setting up our development environment using Dev Desktop. This week we start actually diving into code! We start by exploring the structure of a super simple PHP script, and move on to discuss how to work with strings and variables of different kinds. For those of you just starting with PHP, this is a great place to jump in.

How to work with white space and comments - 2:12

One confusing point for those new to PHP is how extra space and new lines impact how the code runs. In this video, we talk you through exactly what to expect from white space.

How to work with strings - 4:41

Strings are an essential component of working with content in PHP. In this video, we show you the nuances of using and manipulating strings in your code.

How to use a variable - 2:44

Once you have the concept of strings down, you have the basis for understanding what a variable is and how to use one in your code. This will set the stage for next week, where we talk about many of the other types of variables you'll be using in your code.

New FREE PHP video tutorial of the week

We actually have two free videos rolling out this week!

Creating our first PHP script and the structure of a simple PHP statement - 3:41

In this video we walk you through a simple script in the PHP language and talk about how you tell the PHP application that you want to use PHP instead of HTML.

What an IDE is and the benefits of using one - 1:46

At this point in the videos we start using a different text editor called an IDE, or Integrated Development Environment. Using an IDE can help you catch errors in your code and help you dig deeper into existing code. In this video, we explain the benefits of using an IDE instead of a simple text application.