New PHP videos on, 15% off HD for iPad 3, translations tools and site improvements

Subtle improvements on Build a

This last week we rolled out a number of improvements to Build a, many of which were geared towards improving performance. So, you should see page load times go down and the responsiveness of the site go up. We've also fixed a few little bugs here and there which should make life just a wee bit nicer for our most intensive viewers. :)

Get 15% off high definition downloads to celebrate the new iPad 3

If our downloads are attractive because you watch video on the go or use your iPad as a second monitor while you're working through the examples on, then we have some good news! iPad 3's will now play our crystal-clear high definition videos quite nicely.

If you've been holding out on purchasing a download, we're throwing in a little discount as an incentive. Just use the code IPAD3HD when checking out to get 15% off all high definition downloads.

Want to help test our new translation tools?

If you speak multiple languages and are excited about the idea of videos being translated into another language, then we'd love it if you'd give our translation tools a try to give any feedback before we officially launch them.

If you're interested, simply respond to this newsletter with a little information about why you might want to help translate, and what language you'd like to translate to.

New PHP videos on working with variables and string functions

How to work with string, number and boolean variables - 7:04

Last week we looked at using strings, and this week we learn how and why to wrap up a string in a variable. We also explore a couple other types of variables that you'll frequently encounter when writing your own code and working with Drupal.

How a PHP function is structured and how to use strstr() - 2;49

Now that you have a grasp of variables, it's time to start exploring PHP's rich library of functions. Functions are little bundles of logic that you can leverage to accomplish tasks that might otherwise be very time consuming and complicated. In this video, we walk through the structure of a function and use a common string function called strstr(),

How to use the string functions nl2br(), trim() and strlen() - 3:03

For this video, we continue exploring useful string functions, like functions that trim extra spaces off of a string, or tell you how long a string is.

Practical uses for strstr(), nl2br(), trim() and strlen() - 1:38

Knowing what functions are in your arsenal is important, but knowing how they're used in the real world will expand your ability to write effective code. So, we step back in this video and look at reasons we might want to use the functions we just explored.

New FREE PHP video tutorial of the week

How to identify and fix common syntax errors - 5:56

Running into errors is a very normal part of writing code, but it can be frustrating if you don't know where to look to fix it. In this video, we walk some of the errors that are caused when you've missed a little something in your code.