New Video Updates Feature on Build a and 12 Module Troubleshooting Video Tutorials

Video updates graphic

Drupal is notorious for being on the move. Core Drupal errors get fixes, modules get updated, or the interface changes. So we've added a new feature called video updates that will quietly alert you if there have been any updates to a video you should be aware about.

When there's an update, you'll see a green box above the video player with the number of updates that have been made. You can click this to open up an overlay (so you don't lose your place) to view the updates.

If you want to view all the updates across all the videos, there's a link at the very bottom of the site called Video Updates.

We'll also be posting any errors or inconsistencies in the videos that you should be aware of this way.

Click here to check out the updates page.

50+ Transcripts Have Been Added

This last week we added 50 or so more transcripts, making more of our library searchable, and enabling the transcript view for more of the videos. If you haven't see the transcript feature in action, check out the video.

The transcript view really changes the way you can watch or review a video since you can quickly scan through the content, clicking on different areas of a transcript to jump to that point in the video. It also works great when the video is paused, allowing you to see virtual screenshots at different points in the text. You can also use your browser to search the transcript for particular keywords and quickly find what you're looking for.

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12 New Videos on Troubleshooting Module Installation and Configuration

This week we're releasing chapter 15 of Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site. In this chapter, we explore what do do when you run into problems installing or configuring a module. We explore how to dig up information about deep module dependencies and how to find out more about errors.