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New videos on overriding feature modules

This week we wrap up our coverage of using Selenium IDE to record and play back browser macros to change configuration and create content. From there, we begin looking at how to override feature modules you may be sharing between sites, or that are part of a Drupal distribution like Commons or Open Atrium.

Sometimes you may be using a shared feature module and need to be able to override certain bits without compromising your ability to update the feature module later on. This can be tricky, but we'll cover some of the most common overrides you need to make, and how to both capture these changes in code and allow you to easily update the feature module later on.

How to load and play back Selenium tests to update another environment - 6:02

Wrapping up our coverage of using Selenium to automate configuration or content creation, we show how to take a Selenium test we added to our repository and run it in any other environment.

How to override a box title, and how to learn about what else we can change - 4:45

We begin demonstrating feature overrides by looking at how to sustainably modify the title of a block. We also dig into how to you can discover other bits that can be overridden.

How to override block position, and a brief overview of the Context module - 4:00

In this video we take a look at how to use the Context module to display blocks in certain positions and how to properly override these positions.

How to override user permissions - 2:57

If you need to manipulate user permissions set by another feature module, this tutorial will show you how.

New FREE video of the week

The challenges of overriding shared feature modules and some solutions - 4:53

One of the biggest hurdles to adopting Features as a configuration management solution is that overriding configuration options captured in a feature module isn't always straightforward. In this video we begin the review of best practices when overriding these features.