New Videos on Working With Files in Drupal 7, Plus Free Access to Coding Standards Videos

If the new Drupal 7 File API has you befuddled with terms like stream wrappers, unmanaged files and URIs, then here's a little something to help clear the air. 7 new videos were added to Build a today to answer some tough questions about working with unmanaged files and how to protect your files with the private file system.

This follows hot on the heels of our previous release of File API videos where we set the groundwork for working with files in Drupal.

In addition, this weekend all of our Coding Standards videos are free to all, so if you need to brush up a little, now's a great time. We cover everything from working with arrays to working with white space and writing good comments.

Below are the list of File API videos we added. Several of them are available for anonymous users and mailing list subscribers, but I've gone ahead and marked the subscriber-only ones with a little *. Enjoy!