Open Translation of Drupal Video Tutorials for Training Non-English Speakers

This last year powered numerous free Drupal trainings around the world. This week, we're officially releasing a suite of translation tools that will allow the videos on to be translated into any language. These translated videos can form the core curriculum of free community-driven Mentored Trainings in locations where English isn't widely spoken, or where training materials in a native language will help speed up the learning process.

During our beta testing last week, translators made major contributions to the Spanish translation with over 40 videos translated, and there have been contributions in Dutch, Italian and Danish as well.

Why did we build these translation tools?

Shortly after releasing our first video collections last year, we had several requests for translations, and for the tools to help our viewers translate videos themselves for other speakers of their native languages. We've also heard repeatedly that there is a need for Drupal training materials in other languages. With our free Mentored Training model, it made sense to take the time to build translation tools since the translated videos can have such a broad impact on spreading Drupal and helping large groups of individuals learn Drupal quickly.

What exactly will be translated

Every video can have its transcript and title translated. Once translated, the translated video also becomes searchable in that language.

Want to help translate?

If you are comfortable with English and another language you'd like to translate to, you can definitely contribute. Even translating one video helps, though we've heard from translators that it's a little hard to stop once you get started.

Just send us an email with the language you'd like to translate to, plus a little bit about yourself and why you want to translate, and we'll set you up with the tools you need to get started.

Want certain videos translated for an upcoming training?

As a translator, you decide what videos you want to translate. We have a protocol to help people make sure they don't accidentally translate something that's already being translated, but if you want to focus on the Views or jQuery videos, for example, that's perfect. If you have a need to translate certain videos, it's even more likely that other people have the same need.

You can also post translation requests in the forums to let others know that you're interested in certain translations, even though you may not be able to participate directly.


Below are two videos, one of which shows a video that has been translated into Italian, and the other which demonstrates how to use the translation tools, so you can see how they work.

Video demonstration of translation tools

Video demonstration of a video translated into Italian

How can I learn more?

Just go to, or send us an email with any questions you have.

We hope that opening up these translation tools will help the international community build some of the much-needed resources it needs for effectively conducting Drupal training in a variety of native languages.

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