Sadistic gumball machine

Okay, so we came across this machine with a gum ball already in it, so I'm making a couple assumptions about how it works.    

First (1), you put in a quarter, and a gumball drops into the 'pinball' game (pizza guy in between the flippers) and comes to rest at (2). Right where the kid in the front has his left hand is where there's a button you press to launch the gumball, like you do in a pinball machine. When you do this the first time, you'll probably do what I did, which was to give it a solid push, which launches it straight into the "Lose" hole (3), where it will be lost forever.  

What you apparently you're supposed to do is drop another quarter in and spend a little time really getting a feel for the button at (2), and get it to send the gumball to the side, where you can further direct the gumball with the flipper buttons at the two (4)'s, ideally into the "Win" holes to either side of the "Lose" hole. If you get in one of those holes, my guess is the Pizza Hut guys come out from the back and give you a big cake and hugs all around. And maybe you actually get the gumball.  

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