Save on "Change Management", new videos and a new collection coming soon at Build a!

Our next collection starts releasing next week!

This week we wrap up our Change Management and Version Control collection. This collection was a lot of fun to do, and many of our viewers have expressed that it's been their favorite so far. While it might seem a little sad, finishing up one collection also means something awesome: we're about to start releasing a new collection, and next week we'll release the first two videos as a teaser.

Are you excited? Me too. Want to know what the collection is about? Stay tuned next week!

To celebrate this slew of awesomeness, we're also offering a special 25% off the Change Management and Version Control series as a download or DVD. To claim the discount, just use the code CMAVCDONE when you check out.

New Drupal videos on creating our own Drush commands and a couple other useful utilities

How to install and use the Drush sandwich example command - 4:09

The Drush sandwich command is a built-in example of extending Drush, and though it may be a little contrived, and completely inedible, it serves as a great example of how we can add new, useful commands to Drush. In this video we install it and give it a run.

How the Drush example custom sandwich command works - 4:51

In this video we break down the components of the Drush sandwich example and pull out the pieces we need for the next video.

How to perform SQL queries in Drush and quickly set variables - 3:23

Before we wrap up this series, here's a nice demo of two additional Drush utilities - the ability to run SQL queries through Drush and modify variables in the variables table.

New FREE Drupal video tutorial of the week

How to create a custom Drush command - 5:20

Creating your own Drush commands can be very empowering and increase your productivity significantly. Plus, it's a great way to get some street cred with other command line nerds. We walk through the process of adding our command in this videos.