Sidebar bio

Greetings! My name is Chris Shattuck and I'm the creator of BuildAModule (over 2200 video tutorials to help anyone learn Drupal). I speak regularly at Drupal events, and have developed a training model that is allowing communities around the world learn Drupal for free across numerous continents.

I work full time on BuildAModule and have been for the last several years, so I'm not generally available for freelancing gigs - but I can give you some tips on where to get some help.

When I'm not immersed in Drupal and work, I'm working as a dad. Family is the reason I figured out how to work at home, how to run a business, and how to sell products. And holy crap, my kids make me laugh more than I've ever laughed in my life.

My alter ego (the one that's hanging out in the attic until the kids are older) is a musician and is in the process of figuring out what all this is about.

I work at a treadmill desk and have had the honor of influencing numerous others to give it a shot. I'm always looking for ways to make this short life last longer, and exercise while working helps a ton.

Enjoy the site, and just send me an email if you have any questions.